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Title: La Chienne
Sensity: No
Imdb Rate: 7.3
Imdb Votes: 85
Duration: 91 mins
Year: 1931
Language: French,
Genre: Drama, Crime,
Country: France,


Cashier Maurice Legrand is married to Adele, a terror. By chance, he meets Lucienne, "Lulu", and make her his mistress. He thinks he finally met love, but Lulu is nothing but a streetwalker, in love with Dede, her pimp. She only accepts Legrand to satisfy Dede's needs of money.


Actors - Crew

Michel Simon
Maurice Legrand
Janie Marèse
Lucienne 'Lulu' Pelletier (as Janie Marèze)
Georges Flamant
Andre 'Dédé' Govain
Magdeleine Bérubet
Adèle Legrand
Roger Gaillard
Alexis Godard
Jean Gehret
Jean Renoir
Marguerite Renoir
Pierre Braunberger
Theodor Sparkuhl
Director of Photography
Pál Fejős
Georges de La Fouchardière

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