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Title: Donatella
Sensity: No
Imdb Rate: 5.5
Imdb Votes: 10
Duration: 96 mins
Year: 1956
Language: Italian,
Genre: Comedy,
Country: Italy,


Donatella is a simple and honest roman girl, daughter of a bookbinder and girlfriend of Guido, a gas station owner. One day she finds a woman's handbag containing valuables and documents, and decides to return it to her owner, a wealthy American lady, who offers Donatella a job as a secretary as a reward: she has to manage the lady's villa during her absences. There, Donatella casually meets Maurizio, a rich, elegant and well-educated young man, and ends up falling in love.


Actors - Crew

Elsa Martinelli
Gabriele Ferzetti
Walter Chiari
Aldo Fabrizi
Augusto Guiscardi, padre di Donatella
Abbe Lane
se stessa
Xavier Cugat
se stesso
Tonino Delli Colli
Director of Photography
Raffaele Del Monte
Piero Gherardi
Set Decoration
Vittorio Valentini
Production Design
Sandro Continenza
Ruggero Maccari

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