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Title: Face of a Fugitive
Sensity: No
Imdb Rate: 4.75
Imdb Votes: 14
Duration: 81 mins
Year: 1959
Language: English,
Genre: Action, Western,
Country: United States of America,


A man who was falsly accused for murder escapes the sheriffs and starts a new life in a town at the border of the States to Mexico. But he cannot settle in peace as his chasers are trying to find him.


Actors - Crew

Fred MacMurray
Jim Larsen (aka Ray Kincaid)
Lin McCarthy
Sheriff Mark Riley
Dorothy Green
Ellen Bailey
Alan Baxter
Reed Williams
Myrna Fahey
Janet Hawthorne
James Coburn
Jerry Goldsmith
Original Music Composer
Jerome Thoms
Louis Diage
Set Decoration
Charles H. Schneer
Executive Producer
Paul Wendkos
Daniel B. Ullman

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