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Title: The Shaggy Dog
Sensity: No
Imdb Rate: 6.167
Imdb Votes: 60
Duration: 104 mins
Year: 1959
Language: English,
Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy,
Country: United States of America,


Through an ancient spell, a boy changes into a sheepdog and back again. It seems to happen at inopportune times and the spell can only be broken by an act of bravery....


Actors - Crew

Fred MacMurray
Wilson Daniels
Jean Hagen
Freeda Daniels
Tommy Kirk
Wilby Daniels
Annette Funicello
Allison D'Allessio
Tim Considine
Buzz Miller
Kevin Corcoran
Moochie (Montgomery) Daniels
Walt Disney
Paul J. Smith
Original Music Composer
Robert O. Cook
Sound Supervisor
Carroll Clark
Art Direction
Bill Walsh
Edward Colman
Director of Photography

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