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Title: Pollyanna
Sensity: No
Imdb Rate: 7.052
Imdb Votes: 154
Duration: 134 mins
Year: 1960
Language: English,
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family,
Country: United States of America,


A young girl comes to an embittered town and confronts its attitude with her determination to see the best in life.


Actors - Crew

Hayley Mills
Jane Wyman
Aunt Polly
Richard Egan
Dr. Edmond Chilton
Karl Malden
Reverend Paul Ford
Nancy Olson
Nancy Furman
Adolphe Menjou
Mr. Pendergast
Walt Disney
Paul J. Smith
Carroll Clark
Art Direction
Russell Harlan
Director of Photography
Robert Clatworthy
Art Direction
Walter Plunkett
Costume Designer

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