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Title: Sunrise at Campobello
Sensity: No
Imdb Rate: 5.9
Imdb Votes: 12
Duration: 144 mins
Year: 1960
Language: English,
Genre: Drama, History,
Country: United States of America,


The story of Franklin Roosevelt's bout with polio at age 40 in 1921 and how his family (and especially wife Eleanor) cope with his illness. From being stricken while vacationing at Campobello to his triumphant nominating speech for Al Smith's presidency in 1924, the story follows the various influences on his life and his determination to recover - based on the award winning Broadway play of the same name.


Actors - Crew

Ralph Bellamy
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Greer Garson
Eleanor Roosevelt
Hume Cronyn
Louis Howe
Jean Hagen
Missy Le Hand
Ann Shoemaker
Sara Delano Roosevelt
Alan Bunce
Gov. Alfred E. Smith
Franz Waxman
Original Music Composer
George James Hopkins
Set Decoration
Russell Harlan
Director of Photography
Marjorie Best
Costume Design
Edward Carrere
Production Design
George Boemler

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