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Title: Kabhi Kabhie
Sensity: No
Imdb Rate: 6.1
Imdb Votes: 14
Duration: 177 mins
Year: 1976
Language: Hindi,
Genre: Drama, Romance,
Country: India,


A story spanning two generations, where two lovers are forced to marry against their will, but hold onto memories of their romance. Years later circumstances force them to confront their spouses, their children and each other.


Actors - Crew

Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Malhotra
Shashi Kapoor
Vijay Khanna
Rishi Kapoor
Vikram "Vicky" Khanna
Rakhee Gulzar
Pooja Khanna
Waheeda Rehman
Anjali Malhotra
Neetu Singh
Pinky Kapoor
Yash Chopra
Kishore Kumar
Playback Singer
Sagar Sarhadi
Jennifer Kendal
Costume Design
Naresh Malhotra

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