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Title: Scarface
Sensity: No
Imdb Rate: 8.165
Imdb Votes: 10176
Duration: 170 mins
Year: 1983
Language: English, Spanish,
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama,
Country: United States of America,


After getting a green card in exchange for assassinating a Cuban government official, Tony Montana stakes a claim on the drug trade in Miami. Viciously murdering anyone who stands in his way, Tony eventually becomes the biggest drug lord in the state, controlling nearly all the cocaine that comes through Miami. But increased pressure from the police, wars with Colombian drug cartels and his own drug-fueled paranoia serve to fuel the flames of his eventual downfall.


Actors - Crew

Al Pacino
Tony Montana
Steven Bauer
Manny Ribera
Michelle Pfeiffer
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Robert Loggia
Frank Lopez
Miriam Colon
Mama Montana
Gerald B. Greenberg
Jerry Ziesmer
Assistant Director
Brian De Palma
Martin Bregman
Oliver Stone
John A. Alonzo
Director of Photography

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