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Title: The Cabinet of Jan Švankmajer
Sensity: No
Imdb Rate: 7.016
Imdb Votes: 31
Duration: 14 mins
Year: 1984
Language: No Language,
Genre: Animation,
Country: United Kingdom,


In Prague, a professorial puppet, with metal pincers for hands and an open book for a hat, takes a boy as a pupil. First, the professor empties fluff and toys from the child's head, leaving him without the top of his head for most of the film. The professor then teaches the lad about illusions and perspectives, the pursuit of an object through exploring a bank of drawers, divining an object, and the migration of forms. The child then brings out a box with a tarantula in it: the professor puts his "hands" into the box and describes what he feels. The boy receives a final lesson about animation and film making; then the professor gives him a brain and his own open-book hat.


Actors - Crew

Stephen Quay
Timothy Quay
Keith Griffiths
Zdeněk Liška

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