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Title: The Owl vs Bombo
Sensity: No
Imdb Rate: 4
Imdb Votes: 2
Duration: 99 mins
Year: 1984
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin,
Genre: Action, Comedy,
Country: Hong Kong,


Sammo and George Lam are partners in crime and they scam some triad big shot out of a load of money and decide to retire. Three years later they both receive letters from Stanley Fung, in which he informs them that he has proof of all their criminal activity and unless they do exactly what he says–he will turn it over to the cops. Fung is an ex-cop himself and is trying to get the goods on the same triad leader that Sammo and George scammed.


Actors - Crew

Sammo Hung
Bombo / First-Day Chan
George Lam Chi-Cheung
Owl / Wong Yan-fu
Deanie Ip
Joyce Leung
Michelle Yeoh
Ms. Yeung
Season Ma
Bonnie Leung
Huang Ha
Gang Member
Arthur Wong Ngok-Tai
Director of Photography
Peter Cheung
Claudie Chung Chun
Production Manager
Yuen Wah
Action Director
Sammo Hung
Lam Ching-Ying
Assistant Director

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