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Title: Have You Seen the Barefoot God?
Sensity: No
Imdb Rate: 6.3
Imdb Votes: 6
Duration: 100 mins
Year: 1986
Language: Japanese,
Genre: Drama,
Country: Japan,


In a small backwater in Northern Japan, self-assured Shigeru and shy Shinji are best friends since childhood. Shigeru, an aspiring hobby painter, adores the seemingly unapproachable flutist Haruyo Kikuchi from afar, and secretly paints her portrait for a national contest. His friend Shinji has a crush on Hitomi, the daughter of the local grocery shop, who, for her part, likes Shigeru since he once cared for her in a critical situation, while they were kids. When Shigeru learns that his shy friend doesn't dare to talk to Hitomi, he decides to help him, asking Hitomi to go out with Shinji. But when Hitomi admits her love for him, Shigeru's youthful hormones are beginning to run wild, with a disastrous outcome.


Actors - Crew

Tamotsu Ishibashi
Shigeru Yoshimura
Gen Kodama
Shinji Suzuki
Yoriko Dōguchi
Hitomi Terajima
Tomoko Aizawa
Haruyo Kikuchi
Toshiko Yabuki
Hatsuko Suzuki
Kôju Ran
Shôhei Imamura
Keiichi Uraoka
Kurodo Mori
Original Music Composer
Shiro Sasaki
Kim Soo-Kil
Yasuo Iwaki
Lighting Technician

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