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Title: Red Persimmon
Sensity: No
Imdb Rate: 6.5
Imdb Votes: 8
Duration: 168 mins
Year: 1997
Language: Mandarin,
Genre: Drama, History,
Country: Taiwan,


In 1949, the Communists take over mainland. The refugees and the military arrive in the Keelung Harbor in Taiwan. While the father holds secret meetings with other generals in attempt to recover the lost land, the kids still play games with their grandma who still enjoys the harmony and peace in hardship. Gradually, it seems that there was no hope to fight back the fatherland. The general turned father has to run a small business to support the family. He encounters a series of struggles. And finally his kids grow up.


Actors - Crew

Shut Tiu
Shih Chun
Zhang Shi
Lu Shih
René Liu
Cheng-Ping Chao
Li-Kong Hsu
Chan Sing-Cheong
Yang Wei-han
Director of Photography
Wang Tung
Lin Hung-chung
Lee Fu-hsiung
Art Designer

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